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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Metal Dipped Real Rose

Real rose preserved in metal. 10" pin, marked Delamothe.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Some of My Antique Hatpins:

Cloisonne Iris

Cloisonne Iris Ball. 5 3/4" pin.

Butterfly Trembler

Butterfly trembler hatpin. 6" pin.

Celluloid Lady

Lovely Celluloid Lady. 8 3/4" pin.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Winged Griffins

Double sided brass hatpin with 2 winged Griffins on each side holding an Amethyst glass stone, and 3 on top. This is the first Victorian hatpin that started my collection back in the late 1970's. I found it at a flea market in NH for $15! Total length is 13".


Was very lucky to find a 10" long Victorian hatpin with my initials!


Realistic fly, 8 3/4" pin.

Carved Bakelite

Carved Bakelite showing a fish if viewed sideways, and a bird if viewed straight on. 8 3/4" pin.

Art Nouveau Enamel

Small Art Nouveau Enamel, 9" pin.

Brass Jockey

Brass Jockey, 7 1/4" pin.

Hinged Rose

Hinged Rose, 8" pin.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sewing Kit Vanity Hatpin

Sewing Kit Vanity hatpin in the shape of an acorn unscrews and the top becomes a thimble. Tiny sewing needles are in the top of the hollow tube. The 7" pin is marked Pat. April 15, 1902, and was found attached to it's original card.

Ivory Snail

Ivory snail with tiny black glass eyes. 7 1/2" pin.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Winged Lady

Double sided Winged lady with original gold gilt. 8" pin.


Butterfly with Amethyst pastes. 8 1/4" pin.

Snake with Pearl

Brass Snake wrapped around a blown glass pearl. 7 3/4" pin.

5 Leaf Clover

5 leaf clover with gold gilt. 12" pin.


Monkey in banana leaves. 9 1/2" pin.

Realistic Fly

Applied Fly with a screw in 7 3/4" pin.

Ivory Dragon

Carved ivory dragon with tiny pearl eyes. 7 1/8" pin.


Gold gilt snake wrapped around amethyst glass. 6" pin.


Two snakes, same on both sides, with rhinestones on top. 10" top.

Art Nouveau Lady and Birds

Art nouveau gold gilt lady, same on both sides, with 2 birds on top. 8" pin.

Gothic Face

Two sided Gothic face with curled horns. 10" pin.

Hollow Lacy Celluloid Ball

Hollow lacy pattern celluloid ball. 10" pin.

3 Monkeys

3 monkeys in brass. 8" pin.

Silver Overlay

Silver overlay on amethyst glass. 9 3/4" pin.

Gold and Amethyst

Large gold gilt and amethyst hatpin. 10" pin.

Hand Painted Hatpin Holder

This 4 footed hatpin holder is hand painted and signed by the artist.


1910 pennies. 11" pin.

Damascene Bird

Damascene bird with maker's mark on back. 7" pin.


Brass bug with pink glass stones. 6" pin.

Hat Shaped Hatpin

Brass Hat shaped hatpin, 9" pin.

Punched Out 1909 Quarter

Punched out silver 1909 quarter. 8" pin.

Hinged Hand Painted Porcelain Couple

Hinged hand painted couple on porcelain set in brass. 9 1/2" pin.

Egyptian Lady

Egyptian lady, pyramids, palm trees, and lotus. 12" pin.

Lotus Flower

Enamel lotus flower. 10" pin.

Tortoise Shell

Heron with rhinestone eye painted in gold on Tortoise Shell. 7 3/4" pin.

Creepy Face

Creepy Face, same on both sides, with initials on top. 7 3/4" pin.

Egyptian Lady

Egyptian lady, same on both sides, with rhinestones and a solid green glass ball. 7 3/4" pin.


Griffin holding leaf (same on both sides), with a square pink stone on top. 8" pin.

Pair of Tiki Gods

Pair of Tiki Gods. 8" pins.


Hand painted Satsuma Hatpin. 7 1/4" pin.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bear & Tree Stump Hatpin Holder

Brown bear standing next to a tree stump with 2 areas for holding extras.

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